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External Project Management consulting brings in new views, Ideas and Thought process in an organization’s system.
Many of the smaller project engagements may not require a fulltime project management bandwidth. Application of dedicated project management in these scenarios normally leads to non value added processes, metrics and operational overheads. At the same time, total absence of Project Management can prove to be fatal also. Project Management consultancy helps organizations to apply appropriate levels of management support.
In addition, consulting is very effective in special projects (or projects executed one time), projects of different technology than the organizations core strength and setting up industry standard processes and frameworks.

Offshore Setup

Organizations planning to setup office in India for various services can take our support to establish a setup with seamless integration with its premises elsewhere.
We assist organizations in …

  •     Analysis of location benefits
  •     Analysis and Identification of services that can be planned in India
  •     Identification of office premises
  •     Infrastructure setup and logistics
  •     Local talent hiring and grooming
  •     Initial management of infrastructure
  •     Governance
  •     Compliance to processes & Certifications
  •     Process setup to ensure seamless integration of services at head office

We also offer services in BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) model.

Project Management Process & MIS setup

Establishing a standard, common project Management framework across organization ensures delivery of consistent project results and information vital for management. Identification and maintenance of this framework is key for the organizations growth.
While the methodologies and frameworks for the Project Management processes are defined elaborately in various standards (PMBOK, PRINCE etc), implementation of the same will vary for each organization based on the industry, Internal Organization culture and existing tools and methodologies.

Some of the examples of Project Management process setup include...

  •     Standardization of various artifacts used for project management
  •     Identification and customization of Tools for activities (Project Planning, Tracking, reporting etc)
  •     Reporting mechanism for various stakeholders (Team, Management, Customer etc)
  •     Process frameworks (Resource induction process,
  •     Governance in projects (Roles of QC, Release & Development teams in the project)


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