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Our application support model is aligned to ITIL processes and customized to reduce overheads. The model is best suitable for small organizations seeking faster implementation of standard processes. 

L1 Support
The scope of a L1 support team normally is limited to registering reported incidents, gather as much information as possible from the reportee, routing them to the appropriate support team for further analysis and resolution. A typical L1 team is characterized as Non technical staff, centralized and normally handles multiple portfolios of an organization.

L2 Support
L2 support team performs the root cause analysis for the reported incidents, monitoring the system for any performance degradation. The team defines and maintains benchmark performances, list of common failure symptoms and resolutions and configuration settings.
Additionally the team will handle user access management, system maintenance and support, installation support, assisting user in performing the required task with interim fixes or workaround.
The team is responsible for updating the users of the status of the incident.

L3 Support
This level of support handles all incidents that require changes in application source. The team develops the bug fix and performs detailed impact analysis to ensure that the fix is not introducing any other issue. Post deployment, the user will be notified through L2 team and the incident will be closed upon user’s confirmation.


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