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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration enables integration of applications built on varied technologies to work seamlessly as a single unit to deliver efficient business process. There are many middle-ware technologies like Enterprise Service bus, Service Oriented Architecture, Message brokers and commercial tools in these technologies are available in the market to implement this key business enabler.
At Vercelon, we assist organizations to identify the ideal platform for integrating applications based on the existing application ecosystem and implement the integration in a most efficient way.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Implementation of suitable ERP in the organization to connect various islands of information spread access the enterprise is one of the key enablers for organization’s growth. In today’s business scenario, organizations spread across multiple locations and network with various stakeholders across globe. In addition to this geographical separation, departments within a organization (like Sales, Production, Human resources etc) need to work together to operate efficiently. A good ERP implementation enables this integration.
Vercelon’s ERP implementation follows a ten step process as outlined below to ensure high quality deliverables that meets the customer needs.
•    Analysis of existing system architecture
•    Re-Engineering the business processes to improve efficiency
•    Identification of suitable ERP system that meets the business needs
•    High-level definition of implementation plan
•    Customizing the system for the industry
•    Integration of ERP system with the existing application landscape
•    Customization of the system for internal business practices and standards
•    Validation of development
•    Implementation of system at various end points
•    User training & Post implementation support


Some of the key factors of our implementation include...
•    Follows Iterative development cycle to deliver value early
•    Makes Best use existing system assets
•    Transparent updates on development status
•    Dedicated efforts to improve process efficiency based on industry standards and latest developments
•    Lean Thought process to reduce waste at each phase

Vercelon recommends OpenERP for small and medium size implementations for its wide coverage of enterprise business processes, cost effective solutions, significant flexibility, support for varied international accounting standards to name a few. Our experienced consultants in various domains work together, to deliver the best practices in the industry and also suitable for the organization.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

In the modern large scale production environments, Manufacturing Execution Systems delivers efficient manufacturing processes and fosters consistent quality production.
Manufacturing Execution system compliments ERP by providing vital information from shop floor to facilitate better decision making capabilities. Recent developments and standardizations by organizations like MESA ensured consistency among implementations across enterprises. Some of the key benefits of MES include reduced inventory due to just-in-time inventory management, Advanced planning and controlling of manufacturing processes and high visibility of shop floor status.

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