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 Vercelon delivers its best with the guidance of Technical Experts, who Manage, Mentor and Monitor the engagements  .


Over 16 years of experience in IT industry with expertise in Manufacturing applications, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), System integrations projects. A certified Project Manager with excellent skills in business Analysis, Business Process Management, Enterprise System Integration and System Architecture. 


A Senior consultant with more than 13 years of IT experience predominantly in Finance industry - with VISA International and FINRA (NASDAQ regulatory authority). Has extensive skills in BASE24 (product from ACI used exclusively in credit/debit card processing industry) and CTree database, Embarcardero Rapid SQL, Maestro, Autosys etc. Holds certifications in ITIL, IBM Datastage v7.5 and JavaPac to his credit.

 Around 17 Years of technical and managerial experience in the domain of Capital Markets, Consumer lending, Manufacturing and Systems Software’s. Instrumental in developing Day trading Platform for broker dealer U.S market and has played major roles in Large-scale product development and solutions with Ameriquest, Azul,  UBS and ALSTOM to name a few.


 More than 16 years experience in both software architecture and the end-to-end delivery of global-scale projects. Technical expertise in surveillance technologies as Application developer, Specialized User Controls creator and Project Manager in a wide range of R&D applications including security domain. Experienced in designing and implementing server systems and subsystems for heavy loads, multitasking, networking and robustness.  Experience developing Health, Video, Speech and Library apps using iPhone and Android. Specialties: C++,C#, DotNet, COM, Mobile Development(ios, Android), System integration, Server architecture, Client-Server, MS Project, Profilers, Project Management Activities

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